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Ms. Grace Fragomeni » Online Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Online Learning Frequently Asked Questions

What does digital work look like?
Assignments will be prerecorded and assigned through Google Classroom. Instruction will be recorded by all of the fifth grade teachers in different content areas. Students will access each subject content and submit work in the Google Classroom. For example, Math work will be accessed and submitted in the Math class for Ms. Fragomeni while History assignments will be submitted in the History class for Ms. Fragomeni.
When are assignments due?
Assignment due dates will be posted on each assignment in Google Classroom.
What is being graded?
All work assigned and completed will be graded in Google Classroom. If an assignment is returned without a grade, that assignment still has some work to be completed on it.
Will there be tests?
Yes, most quizzes and tests will be given using Google Forms. Students are to complete these independently.
When is attendance taken?
Attendance will be taken every day at our morning meeting and sent to the office. If your child is unable to be at the morning meeting, you will need to send me an email prior to the meeting of call the office.
How and when can students reach Ms. Fragomeni?
Students can email me at gfragomeni@mlsd.org any time. I urge them to CC (copy) you on all emails so that you are kept in the loop. I will email them back as soon as I am available. From there, we can set up a Google Meet appointment if needed.
Students can also come to my office hours for help on schoolwork. Office hours are Monday and Wednesday from 2:00-2:30. Students will go to their Google Classroom homeroom to find the Google Meet link. On the header of this page, under the classroom title, is the Google Meet link. When they click during these times, I will be online and available for questions.
How to login to Google Meet for all live class sessions- morning meetings, classroom meetings, small group instruction, and office hours?
Students will login to the device through the chrome browser using their MLSD Google account. They will go to the "waffle" and select the Google Classroom app. Once inside the app, they will see their HOMEROOM class. When HOMEROOM opens there will be a Google Meet link in the top banner. This is the link they will use to access all live meetings which include daily morning meetings, once a week classroom meetings, afternoon small group instruction, and my open office hours.
What do students do when they need help?
Students can email me for help or to schedule an appointment. Students can also attend office hours. Students can also access their peer study buddies, allowing them to reach out to one another for help. 
What if my child is sick and cannot make a morning meeting due to an appointment?
If your child is unable to be at the morning meeting you will need to send me an email prior to the meeting or call the school office.