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Reading Counts

Hallett Elementary uses a computer program called "Reading Counts". This program uses quizzes to test your child's comprehension of books they have read independently. Each quiz is 10 questions and must be taken at school. I have asked the students to choose a book that is in their reading Lexile level and is at least 100 pages. They must get 8 out of 10 questions correct to pass. If they don't pass the first time, they may study and retake the quiz 2 more times after having studied 1 day in between.
Your child is required to pass 2 (total) "Reading Counts" tests by November, Trimester 1.
Your child is required to pass 5 (total) "Reading Counts" tests by March, Trimester 2.
Your child is required to pass 8 (total) "Reading Counts" tests by June, Trimester 3.
If completed, your child will have read a book per month. The students are required to read for 15 min, five days a week. This reading requirement will help them meet these expectations. We have discussed what 'Good Fit' books are and the students are aware that these books are to fit them like a glove. This means that the book should interest them, be appropriate for their reading goals, and accommodate to their individual reading levels.
If your child does not know their reading Lexile level, please reach out and ask.
You can also access the Lexile level of a book by using https://hub.lexile.com/find-a-book/search
Your help and accountability to achieve these reading goals is imperative!