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Ms. Grace Fragomeni » Eureka Math and Zearn

Eureka Math and Zearn

Fifth grade level Math can be challenging! Don't hesitate to use the online resources available to you for extra support at home!
To review each lesson taught in class:
Go to youtube, type in the search bar 'Engage NY Math 5th grade Module (insert #) Lesson (insert #). At this link you will find that every lesson is recorded using both visual and audio aids to explain the strategies previously taught in class.
Zearn is a computer program we use at Hallett Elementary to enhance math practice and extension. The students have a daily opportunity to improve strategies that may be difficult for them using this online resource. This program is an excellent way to boost content development and create stamina with number development.
If your student is absent or does not complete the daily math lesson on Zearn, they will be required to complete the missed lesson for homework. Use the link below to access exit tickets and extra lesson paperwork.
To log on with Zearn, your child must first be logged in with their personal MLSD account to a google the browser using with their student ID and password.
This student id # (050XXX@mlsd.org) and password (birthday)
Then go to www.Clever.com
Student will need to login to Clever with with mlsd.org email address.
Then they will need select Hallett as their school
Then select the Zearn icon from the page.
Your student follows these login instructions every day at school so the process should be familiar to them.