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Schoolwide Title 1

Hallett’s Schoolwide Title 1 Program

Hallett’s Schoolwide Title 1 Program is a comprehensive reform strategy designed to upgrade the educational program in a Title 1 school. The primary goal of Hallett’s Schoolwide Program is to ensure all students, particularly those who are low-achieving, demonstrate proficient and advance level in the state achievement standards.

Hallett Elementary’s entire staff is responsible and supports the Schoolwide Program. There is no one labeled as the “Title 1 teacher.” The emphasis in Schoolwide Title 1 is serving all structures that support student learning, and combining resources, as allowed, to achieve, a common goal.

Hallett’s Schoolwide Program will maintain the fundamental Title 1 principles of including accountability and reporting of academic results.

One key component in any Schoolwide Title Program is to increase parental involvement in helping their children do well in school. Hallett offers many opportunities and activities throughout the school year. Your participation is wanted and welcomed!