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Welcome to Room 19!

Welcome to Room 19!
Welcome to February!
This month we have several different celebrations happening here at Hallett. We will have Jump Rope for Heart this month in
Health and Fitness class, Valentine's Day in our Room 19 classroom, and on February 28th we will have our school-wide Family
Reading Night from 5:30-7:00. Almost every week there is something to look forward to!
In the first week of the month look for information about a Valentine Box homework project and information about volunteering or
donating for our celebration. It is a great time in our classroom to enjoy an ice cream sundae, read a few notes of kindness, and to 
smile at our friends. 
As the month progresses we will be working on writing small paragraphs and on learning place value in math. Learning how the tens
column and the ones column work together and how to bridge from 9 to 10 and 19 to 20 is a huge step in being fluent with numbers. 
Also this month we will b preparing for Parent Teacher conferences so look in your student's folder for appointment information. 
It is always good to see parents in the classroom, so if you are free, please stop by. 
Karen Coins 
Room 19
565-3419 Classroom
565-3400 Main Office