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Welcome to Room 19!

Welcome to Room 19!
Thank you for stopping by our classroom web page and welcome to First Grade! 
My name is Karen Coins and I have been teaching in Medical Lake for 20 years. 
In our classroom we work hard on being kind, being an active listener, and using our 
problem solving skills. 
We will explore different ways to make numbers, to build and take apart sets of objects and
transfer that information into math equations, as well as discovering patterns that we can find all 
around us. 
We will learn how to say, write, and read sounds and words at a variety of levels. We will decode 
new words and learn to encode (build and spell) all kinds of words. We explore different ways people 
can find information and ways that libraries around the world are used. Our most loved literature
unit surrounds us with all of the unique features the creatures of our world possess.
It is such a magical time!
If you have questions about what is happening in Room 19 just ask!
Karen Coins
565-3419 Classroom