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Fall Conferences

We will be holding Fall Conferences on Monday, Nov. 23rd and Tuesday, Nov. 24th.  Please click on the link for Fall Conferences on the link page to sign up. Let me know if you have any questions.

Reading Log
The November Reading Log will drop tomorrow.  It is due on November 30.  Your student should be reading for 20 minutes a day and 5 days a week.  Please record the number of minutes read each day behind the name of the book.  Your student should continue to fill this out, but do not return it until the end of November.  Also, included in the Reading Log assignment is a Story Elements chart.  Bonus points will be given if that is filled out for one of the books read.  The Reading Log assignment can be found in the Homeroom (Core) google classroom.  (This is a picture of the Reading Log)  The actual log is in the Core classroom.

Scholastic Book Orders

When your students came in for testing last week, I sent a scholastic book order home with them.  You can order on line and have the books sent to your home now.  The current order is due Oct. 23rd.  I will also post a link and class code to the Links Section of my web page.  Your students have  a reading log that is due each month.  This could be a good way to get a book in their hands (and a break from the computer screen) if it works for you.